Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Jefferson Market: a-MAE-zing

In 1928-1930, MAE WEST spent a lot of time on trial at Jefferson Market Court facing obscenity charges, and being threatened with another jail term. [Mae had been imprisoned twice in 1927 for obscenity.]
• • In honor of MAE WEST’s August 17th birthday, an historic installation of archival images will have its official PRESS OPENING at a gala cocktail party for the media on that Thursday evening.
• • "Onstage Outlaws" focuses on the careers of two transgressive actresses - - MAE WEST and her friend TEXAS GUINAN - - during Prohibition in New York City.

• • The FREE installation will be on view to the public from Friday 18 August 2006 until the end of that month at Village Restaurant [62 West 9th Street], a popular eatery in Greenwich Village owned by celebrity chef Stephen Lyle.
• • Sunday 20 August 2006 there will be a MAE WEST BRUNCH and tour in Greenwich Village. Make reservations via Village Restaurant.
• • • Sponsorship & media inquiries welcome. • • •
• • COURTING MAE WEST, LLC, based in Manhattan, is an off-Broadway producing outfit whose mission is to increase visibility and opportunity for women and women-driven stories in the theatre.
• • Sponsorship Coordinator:
• • Conrad Bradford
• • 917-403-0890
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• • Photo • Mae West's "Pleasure Man" trial • 1928 •

Jefferson Market.