Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Police Inspector George W. Dilks 1893

In July 1893, when retirees George W. Dilks and his wife Mary celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home on 34 West 9th Street, well-wishers included the Consul General of New York's Chinese Consulate [26 West 9th] and his ministers as well as distinguished officials of the Fifteenth Ward.
• • When married on West 13th Street in 1843, George W. Dilks had been a printer. But soon afterwards Dilks joined the police force, becoming Captain in 1853 due to his commendable dealing with many of the most vicious gangs of New York such as the fearless Dead Rabbits. In 1860, following his management of the Draft Riots, Dilks was promoted to Inspector.
• • Well-regarded by the Fifteenth Ward and a constant figure at Jefferson Market Court, the fascinating Dilks deserves more mention than he has received in these pages.
• • In those days when the Fifteenth Ward Hotel commandeered the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 9th Street, the neighbors spoke proudly of Mary and George Dilks. More anon.
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• • Photo: Jefferson Market Court's Police Chief • in 1893 •

Jefferson Market.