Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York

A Love Affair with a Landmark in Manhattan: An Arresting Drama in Greenwich Village. [Opinions expressed are the views of OLD JEFF unless attributed to other - - potentially less-reliable - - sources, i.e., newcomers who have not been around since 1832 on Sixth Avenue.]

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Playing the "Prisoner's Song"

No wonder the "Prisoner's Song" was a huge hit during the 1920s for Texas vocalist Vernon Dalhart. Doesn't it seem as though everyone was in Jefferson Market Court House or behind bars during the Jazz Age?

• • In February 1927, Mae West came up to see Old Jeff for many weeks. Despite not being your typical felon, after this trial in Jefferson Market Court, Mae was sentenced to hard time in the workhouse.
• • Come up and see Mae:
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• • Photo: • Mae West in Jefferson Market Court 1927 •

Jefferson Market.