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A Love Affair with a Landmark in Manhattan: An Arresting Drama in Greenwich Village. [Opinions expressed are the views of OLD JEFF unless attributed to other - - potentially less-reliable - - sources, i.e., newcomers who have not been around since 1832 on Sixth Avenue.]

Friday, February 03, 2006

Mission Implausible

Is it true what we've heard on Sixth Avenue?
• • Yesterday a groundhog residing in Jefferson Market Garden emerged from a dugout. The groundhog predicted that we'd have six more weeks of Withers before a Greenwich Villager would lop off Susan C.Y.A. Kent's head and use it for soup. [Caveat: avoid Chinese restaurants until our source investigates further.]
• • To make sure she can predict what Villagers want for the Jefferson Market Library restoration, City Councilmember Christine Quinn sent a mailing to 1,200 of her constituents seeking their input. Question: Why didn't she do it BEFORE she recently rounded up more than $1.3 million of taxpayers' money, enabling the library to squander at least $184,000? [About $184,000 was spent in preliminary design work on the interior project. Bye-bye, benjamins!]
• • The letter that Quinn sent to Villagers invites replies to this question: “Is it more important to maintain funding for the planned interior renovations, or to switch the funding to the exterior renovations?” The letter asks for responses to be sent to Quinn’s district office at 224 W. 30th St., #1206, 10001 by 12 February 2006. Email questions to - - and do make sure to get this squared away before you do your Valentine's Day shopping, eh?
• • It's the "Year of the Dog" - - so does that increase or decrease your craving for Hunan cuisine in the West Village? Or would you rather go vegetarian for awhile?
• • Wasn't that Mario Batali on the Food Network giving his recipe for chick-lit Susan a la Kent? Remember what the groundhog said. Feed your head, said Jefferson Airplane, feed your head. . . .
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