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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Jeff Genesis: January 1832

• • • 1832 January • • •
• • IN this year the following streets and places were widened, viz.: Ann, between Nassau and William; Cedar, between William and Pearl; Exchange Place at William; Spruce, between Nassau and Gold; William, on east side, from Wall to Pine; Hanover at Exchange Place; and Cross, Anthony, and Little Water Streets.
• • Sixth Street was changed to Waverly Place.
• • • Jefferson Market, at intersection of Sixth Avenue and Greenwich Lane, was opened. There was annexed to it a fire ­alarm bell tower and a steam ­pump, which drew and forced water through a main to the elevated cistern or reservoir, as it was termed, in East Thirteenth Street near Broadway.

• • Union Square was enlarged, and as the required area invaded the property of the owners abutting in Broadway and Seventeenth Streetand the Bowery (now Fourth Avenue), many of them protested against the measure with the usual vehemence and short-­sightedness of people regardin gtheir view of their own interests in similar cases. . . .
• • Some prices for real estate, obtained at sales by public auction during this winter, are here noted: The corner of Wall and Broad Streets, 30 feet on Wall Street by 16 feet 8 inches on Broad, $17,750; south­west corner of Broadway and Park Place, about 25 by 122, $37,000.
• • February 23, 1832 - - ground was broken for construction of the New York and Harlem Railroad, and in the course of the year this company ran its first car from Prince to Fourteenth Street. These cars were like stage­coaches, hung on leather, with several compartments and side-doors, the driver sitting above like a coachman, and putting on the brake with his feet. My readers should remember that at this time railways on important lines, as from Schenectady to Saratoga and the short-cut across the Delaware ­Maryland peninsula, on the route to Washington, were operated by horse­power. . . .
• • April 1832 - - Lexington Avenue was opened and John Street, from Broadway to Pearl Street, widened, and the New York and Harlem Railroad in operation from Prince Street to Murray Hill. . . .
• • Shinbone Alley was opened from Wooster Street (University Place) to Fifth Avenue, and between Washington Square and Eighth Street (Washington Place). . . .
• • Currently, the Mayor of New York is Walter Bowne [1832 - 1833].
• • Source: Reminiscences of New York by an Octogenarian (1816 - 1860), by Charles H. Haswell, CHAPTER XIV [published 1896]. This title is in the public domain.
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• • Photo - 1860 Jefferson Market

Jefferson Market.