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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tertium Quid

Brains alive!
One reader of The Villager wrote in about a better spot for teen lounge:

• • • • To The Editor: • • • •
• • The Jefferson Market library is small and intensely used by its existing constituency, primarily adults and children. In my opinion, there is a more appropriate site for a teen center, located only a few blocks from Jefferson Market: the Hudson Park Library branch. Hudson Park, which is located in the complex of buildings that includes the Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, already houses many activities for teens, including gyms, a pool, and a weight room.
• • • Putting a teen center in the Hudson branch would consolidate teen services in one location. In fact, the Hudson branch is so small, it might be advisable to relocate its adult and children’s services to Jefferson Market, so that the entire space at the Hudson branch could be devoted to serving teens. Special, teen-friendly staff could be assigned to this location.
• • Let’s use available Jefferson Market funds to make necessary repairs to the exterior of the building. Other sources of funding may be available for teen services at the Hudson branch.

Carol Chave
Source:The Villager | Vol. 75, No. 37 | Feb. 1 - 7, 2006 | Letters to the editor |
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• • Illustration: • Richard Haas, electroplate, 1974

Jefferson Market.