Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York

A Love Affair with a Landmark in Manhattan: An Arresting Drama in Greenwich Village. [Opinions expressed are the views of OLD JEFF unless attributed to other - - potentially less-reliable - - sources, i.e., newcomers who have not been around since 1832 on Sixth Avenue.]

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jefferson Market: March 1927

It was March 1927 and the trial at Jefferson Market Court House on Sixth Avenue was attracting bigger crowds than Broadway shows.

Each day the dailies reported on the dramatic trial in Greenwich Village. By late March it was getting to be obvious that the outlook would be dark for actress MAE WEST and her co-star BARRY O'NEILL, who were being tried for presenting an obscene play "Sex" at Daly's 63rd Street Theatre. [This play had been seen by the public for the past 10 1/2 months before the raid on 9 February 1927.]

• • Though this play had been approved by TWO play juries and had a license from the police department, it was coming up to be an election year and Mayor Jimmy Walker was being pressured by The Society for the Suppression of Vice to "clean up" the stage.
• • What were the dirtiest words on the Rialto? Looks like they were MAE WEST.
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• • Photo • Mae West • March 1927 on trial • Jefferson Market Court
• • Illustration • Mae West • by Michael DiMotta

Jefferson Market.