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Saturday, December 24, 2005

NYPL: Why the $ecrecy?

Worth reprinting here is a recent letter to the editor of The Villager asking the New York Public Library Why the secrecy about the public funding that you received?

• • • Won’t be quiet on library • • •
To The Editor:
• • The Jefferson Market Library is a landmarked building and nothing has been done to repair its exterior. There appears to be no money for repair. In the meantime, scaffolding remains.
• • At the same time there are sufficient funds for construction and renovation of the interior of the library. This makes no sense at all. Who allocated the funding? Why the secrecy?
• • Jefferson Market Library is one of the most utilized branches in Manhattan and many people from all walks of life use it extensively. Villagers are dependent upon its books, inter-library loans, DVDs/ videotapes, access to research and computer facilities. It will be devastating if it closes for any length of time. The preponderance of users are adults, moms and their children, not teenagers. The proposal to relocate half the reference section to the second floor that is currently crowded to make way for teenagers’ needs is outrageous.
• • I hope the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, of which I am a member, gets out in front of this important issue.
Edith Penty
from: The Villager * Vol. 75, No. 31 | December 21 - 27, 2005
Read more:
• • City Councilmember Christine Quinn approved $1.7 million [in 2004 and 2005] for re-doing the interior of Jefferson Market Library.
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Carin Mirowitz - and/ or
Christine Quinn via fax: 212-564-7347;
via postal mail: 224 West 30th Street [Suite 1206], New York, NY 10001.
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