Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York

A Love Affair with a Landmark in Manhattan: An Arresting Drama in Greenwich Village. [Opinions expressed are the views of OLD JEFF unless attributed to other - - potentially less-reliable - - sources, i.e., newcomers who have not been around since 1832 on Sixth Avenue.]

Friday, December 23, 2005

Jeff: The Aggregate of Many Small Things

Relieved that the NYC Transit Strike is over, Jeff recalls the Gilbert Elevated Railway's construction on Sixth Avenue in front of the Jefferson Market Courthouse at Ninth Street. [This illustration was printed in Railroad Gazette, 8 March 1878.]

• • At the turn of the century, the triangular parcel between Sixth Avenue, Greenwich Avenue, and 10th Street was thus entirely occupied, and connected to the rest of the city by the Gilbert Elevated Railway’s Sixth Avenue line, inaugurated in 1878. . . .
• • The opening of the Metropolitan Elevated was the greatest single advance in rapid transit that the city had ever seen. But after years of delay, things were now happening so fast that the the Sixth Avenue El was to be surpassed within the same year. ...
• • 33,700 TWU workers returned to work 23 December 2005
• • 7 million New Yorkers renew their appreciation for subways and buses
• • " Nihil est aliud magnum, quam multa minute."
[There is not anything so powerful as the aggregate of many small things.]
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• • Sketch: Jefferson Market in March 1878

Jefferson Market.