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Friday, November 11, 2005

Vox Populi vs NYPL: The Villager

The Villager [Volume 75, Number 24 * November 02-08, 2005] printed comments from Greenwich Villagers regarding the shroud [scaffolding] that's been surrounding a beloved landmark on Sixth Avenue and West 9th Street since 2003 and the New York Public Library's appalling indifference to the facade's deterioration or repair. Here's an excerpt from the "Letters to the Editor" page:

Maybe library should leave

To The Editor:
* * The Jefferson Market Library is the signature building in Greenwich Village. Its preservation and adaptive reuse was the catalyst for the creation of the Greenwich Village Historic District. While we appreciate that the New York Public Library houses a branch here, it is the structure that occupies a unique place in our affections.
* * Several years ago, a problem with the exterior masonry developed and unsightly scaffolding was erected. Residents naively supposed that the N.Y.P.L. would locate funding for repairs expeditiously. We were mistaken. The “shroud” of scaffolding stands and the building continues to deteriorate. Repairing the library’s “bricks and mortar” should be a priority rather than initiating an unsolicited interior redesign. Unless the N.Y.P.L. can promise a future free from rain, snow and other inclement weather, it seems cavalier to institute interior alterations when the worsening exterior may negatively impact them. . . .

Marilyn Dorato
Dorato is secretary and presiding officer of the Greenwich Village Block Associations
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