Jefferson Market Courthouse in New York

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

GVSHP: Dogged or Dodging the Issue?

Businessman Andrew Carnegie lived by the belief that any man who dies rich will die disgraced. By the time Carnegie died in 1919, his Carnegie Corp. had sponsored more than 2,800 libraries worldwide. Did this generosity expiate his sins?

While you contemplate that, feast your eyes on the Jefferson Market judicial complex in its heyday, before two-thirds of it was demolished and the remaining third was landmarked and turned into a branch of the New York Public Library.

Curiously, the ever-ready bloodhounds at The.Greenwich.Village.Society.for.Historic.Preservation, the sharp-toothed creatures who dogged the steps of Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibowitz, when renovations of her West Village townhouse caused the collapse of a neighbor's home, those "preservationists" - - who embrace media ink and seek photo opportunities - - have been oddly silent about the water-logged scaffolding eating away at this 19th century Venetian Gothic landmark since 2003. Village residents are wondering about this artful dodging. Cui bono?
Andrew Berman, where is your integrity?
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This photo was taken before 1928.
[N.B.: NO scaffolding! The N.Y. Public Library had not moved in yet & ruined the facade!]

Jefferson Market.