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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Starr Faithfull: On January 26

How many have been faithful to the memory of Starr Faithfull, whose name was once a tabloid staple?
• • STARR FAITHFULL — — born on 26 January 1906 in Evanston, Illinois, Starr died in early June 1931 after a Long Island boat party.
• • The intersection near Jefferson Market Court, under the Sixth Avenue Elevated, is one of the last things she saw in Greenwich Village. Here is exactly where she bought a newspaper from Mr. Isidore, a sidewalk vendor. When the police questioned him, his detailed description of her stylish clothing and jewelry helped investigators identify her badly bruised corpse.
• • This is the newsstand — — the last familiar site she saw in Greenwich Village. Mr. Isidore sold her a paper, as usual, and she vanished into the adjacent tube station with a wave of her hand.
• • On January 26th, Starr Faithfull, we commemorate your life. We remember your sad fate. Look homeward, angel.
• • In 1931, the inquest was held at Jefferson Market Court and lasted well over a month.
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• • Photo: 1930s — — Starr Faithfull's favorite newsstand opposite Jefferson Market Court

Starr Faithfull.

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