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Friday, December 09, 2005

The Mighty Q

Where's Christine Quinn and is she thinking of Jefferson Market Library's needed repairs or about the Greenwich Village residents who voted for her? Quinn, who entered the City Council in 1999, is aware that her term expires this month [Dec. 31].

A popular pol, Quinn gave $645,000 of capital funds this year to preserve Jefferson Market Library, and the same amount last year. Since her heart's in the right place, no wonder she's a front-runner for Gifford Miller's seat.
• • Join us in wishing her well, the Mighty Quinn.
[You know the tune but a rascal revised the lyrics.]

Come all without
Come all within
You'll not see nothing
like the Mighty Quinn

Ev' rybody's counting
petitions and votes.
Some are phoning senators,
others jotting down notes.
Ev' rybody's in despair, ev' ry gal and guy.
But when Quinn the Councilmember gets here,
Ev' rybody's gonna unify.
• • Artist: Manfred Mann
• • Lyrics: "The Mighty Quinn"
• • Christine C. Quinn
• • Entered City Council: 02/01/1999
• • Current Term Expires: 12/31/2005
• • Represents: Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Clinton; parts of Soho, Murray Hill
• • • • Request info or comment • • • •
Carin Mirowitz - and/ or
Christine Quinn via fax: 212-564-7347;
via postal mail: 224 West 30th Street [Suite 1206], New York, NY 10001.

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photo: Christine Quinn

Jefferson Market.